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Yanagi-San's Art Auction, Ends on 5/26/2006, 11PM pst!

May 21, 2006- Alright, I know I haven't updated in a bit, but I did say infrequent, right? ^^; I don't happen to have any new strips yet as they are on my main harddrive, which is in my computer tower, which is in a storage unit currently. I have moved back to California from Missouri, and am currently staying with friends. We should have our own place sometime in August [or sooner] and at that point I'll have my computer back. Although I should note that I only have bits and pieces of strips done, I can at least work on them again. ^^
If you look up, there is a banner ad for an art auction I am running. I am doing this to raise money as we are very, very broke. [I'd like to thank Majo-chan for loaning me the art suppies to do this! ^_^] If you're at all interested, click the ad! It's a good 'cheesecake' pic! ^_^
More updates to come soon- I am going to look into that comic-notification service one person mentioned in my guestbook. It's a great idea, and may alleviate some frustrations from my fans! ^^
Ja ne!

November 26, 2005- Well, as you can see, we FINALLY have steady internet access! Yay! [And if you read my blog, you already knew! X_x]
I know I promised a mid-november return, but I am really stuck in a rut, and pretty distracted right now. I can't tell you when new strips will be up but I'm aiming for December. [For Christmas! Woo!]
In a few weeks, I may have a guest strip to post, so keep checking back every so often. Thanks everyone for your understanding! ^_^

August 12, 2005- Moving to Missouri from the 27th to the 1st of September. These are the exact dates. Will take forever to move across 4 states ^^; I do not know when I will have steady internet access again. Sometime I hope to filtch net with my lappy, if only to keep my inbox from exploding. >_< [And to attend an online wedding if I can ^^] To keep all of you sated [or at least partially] I have posted this lovely cheesecake piccy to the left. click the preview with all the words on it to see the full image. Beware, it's a big 'un! >:P My compy is going in for repairs today, so wish me luck that it doesn't return with the harddrive formatted! *knocks on wood* [Yes, I backed it up, but still...i'm sure I forgot some things in my haste ^^:] Sooooo, see you all in mid to late September! [My birthday is on the 5th! Hooray for 23! ^_^]
Thank you all for your uber patience- [except for people who don't read this news box or my blog and then ask dumb questions in my dreambook... >_0] I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. ^_^

July 02, 2005- Guest strip!!! It's very cute, so read it NOW! ^_^ Guest Strip kindly donated to me by Kirk. *heart* His site can be found here: Kirkwarez Comics. Thank youuuu~!
Bah. Other news- I haven't figured out a good prize for a contest yet! ;_; No PSC for a while- we're packing up boxes and my art stuffu is packed. I can only do digital stuffs on my laptop. Buu~ I will be gone from July 8th to July 16, so PSC won't update for the next two weeks. On the 3rd week, I SHOULD start the contest [I would hope I would have thought of a prize by then!] But we are road tripping to buy a house in Missouri that week. Wish me luck so's we'll get a good house! ^_^
Thank you all for being so patient! I luff you guys! *heart* And the idiot from the dreambook who's too chicken shit to post a response email addy can go fuck himself. *kick* Bah.

June 25, 2005- No update this week- but I am planning a pretty neat contest for PSC. The only reason it hasn't started this week, is 'cause I haven't figured out what the prize should be! We're already starting to pack for our move to Missourri. We could move in July, we could move in August. It all depends on when my mom gets a severance package from her work, which got bought by a rival company. I need to pack my big compy, so probably no updates of the comic kind for a little bit [this is why I am planning the contest! ^^;] on another note, because of that, anyone who has EVER wanted to do a PSC guest strip, send 'em now! I will splash them on the front page, and link back to your page for a bit! ^__^

June 17, 2005- No new strip for this week. I spent all week trying to fix the damn archives, so I didn't have time for a comic. ;_; Turns out it wasn't my fault at all, but keenspaces. >_< Damn!

June 11, 2005- Well, no new PSC this week [I think i'm in a funk. Damn...] However, I did dig up an older omake strip I don't think I ever posted. So, without further ado, TA-DA! An update! [Kind of half-assed, I know...;_;]

June 3, 2005- Heh. This week I had a nasty stomach bug, I was mostly in bed, surfing the net on my laptop, running to the restroom every 15 min or so. So needless to say, there will be no comic this week. I was going to put up an old omake strip, but I can't find any. Damn! I think I lost them in my last harddrive crash... ;_;
Anyway, PSC should be back next week, if my stomach decides to stay on the road to recovey...

May 31, 2005- Grrr! People, if there's no update, with no explaination, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check my blog before sending me nasty emails about what a flake I am! Our net has been down at my house since early last week, and JUST got turned back on today. [The short story is that the neighbor keeps not paying his cable bill, and they keep shutting us off instead. -_-] I am aiming for an update this Saturday. Please be patient! I have lots of emails to answer. ^^; [The only net I got was at Majo-chan's house on my laptop, and I don't have access to the PSC ftp from my laptop^^;]
Thanks! ^_^
P.S: I heard the archives are fucked up so i'm gonna try and get those repaired sometime this week. ^^

May 21, 2005: Sorry, no strip for today...everything was too hectic and screwed over for me to sit down and get a strip done for this week. ^^; I will aim for next week though, sanity permitting... ^^;

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